Large British-made cast iron frying pan skillet
Emba 12
Emba 12
Emba 12
Emba 12
Emba 12
Large British-made cast iron frying pan skillet
Emba 12
Emba 12
Emba 12
Emba 12
Emba 12

Emba 12" Cast Iron Skillet


Why You'll Love It

- British Made
- Lifetime Warranty
- Double Pre-Seasoned: Ready to use
- Suitable for All Hob Types Including Induction


British Craftsmanship - A Skillet to Pass Down to Your Kids

Experience the pinnacle of British craftsmanship with our skillet—an heirloom-quality kitchen essential.

Crafted to last a lifetime (and then some), this skillet is more than a tool; it's a legacy to pass down to your kids, making every meal a cherished moment.


Pre-seasoned Twice for Unmatched Out-of-the-Box Performance

Our cast iron skillet arrives pre-seasoned not once, but twice, ensuring unparalleled performance straight out of the box.

Furthermore, with each use, the pan undergoes a gradual improvement, culminating in an enhanced cooking experience over time.


Naturally Sustainable with Non Toxic Materials

Skillfully crafted from recycled materials and meticulously designed without potentially toxic substances like PFAS (including PTFEs and PFOAs), lead, and cadmium.

Make a conscious choice for a sustainable kitchen that prioritizes both environmental responsibility and your well-being, without compromising on performance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jon Hunter
Out of the Box Goodness

This arrived perfectly after having been packed perfectly (no surprises there). The real surprise was the quality and care making this pan a perfect cooking machine straight out of the box! It has become my favorite big pan and will give it the constant use it deserves. Kudos to the maker of this fine cast iron skillet. Five stars and two thumbs up is my rating!

john eagle

Takes a little getting used to, but an important addition to my kitchen. Great quality.

Roger Moore
Just used the 12 inch pan for the first time

I have other makers cast iron cookware ( Samuel Groves and Lodge) the Emba pan is a good match for quality ,very nicely cast and finished and even though I bought the huge 12 inch pan it is lighter than I expected, due to the slightly thinner pan walls and well seasoned. I look forward to using it and hope maybe for some additions to your range ( a lid perhaps?)

Solid stuff

Hefty and sturdy, but not too unweildly. A good size for a main dish, and fits well in the Dome. Preseasoned, so ready to roll after just a rinse and dry. Naturally non-stick and easy to keep in good nick. Just a quick wash while still warm with hot water and soap, then dry, then a few drops of oil on with a paper towl, and back in the still-hot oven to dry.

Daniel Fyles
Perfect pan

I love this pan. Everything I’ve cooked has gone well.