About Us

130 Years of Unrivalled British Heritage

The Emba story begins at our historic British foundry deep in the heart of the The Black Country. Founded in 1890, Chamberlin & Hill provide expertise, skills and craftmanship to create truly exceptional cast iron cookware that lasts a lifetime.

Rooted in the ethos 'difficult things done well', Chamberlin & Hill have been producing high quality iron castings at our Walsall foundry for over 130 years. From the embers of this technical excellence, Emba cookware was born. Today, we produce natural patina cookware that is wholly sustainable – made from 100% recycled materials – and offers the very best cooking quality.

While our core casting processes are steeped in history and heritage, we have embraced modern manufacturing and design to ensure our cast iron cookware is among the best in the world. We keep perfecting our products until we're sure that not only do they deliver the highest standards, but they'll last for generations to come.

The Joy of Cast Iron

Using Emba Cookware

Our top tips on how to keep your cookware in tip-top condition.

Looking After Cast Iron

How to re-season your cookware and maintain its non-stick patina.

Cook Better, Eat Better

Mouthwatering recipes and pro techniques for mastering your Emba cookware.