How To Re-Season Emba Cookware

Every piece of Emba cookware goes through a double seasoning process before it reaches you. We coat our skillets and griddles in vegetable oil, then heat them to very high temperatures. The oil polymerises to form a natural non-stick surface. We find double seasoning creates an uncompromisingly durable finish.

While we recommend you always apply a light coating of oil to your cookware after use (a simple re-seasoning), occasionally it is worth taking the time to fully re-season your skillet or griddle at home. This will help keep building additional layers of the patina and maintain its non-stick surface.

Re-seasoning your cast iron pans at home

Make sure your pan is thoroughly clean and dry, then coat it with a thin layer of oil (vegetable oil is fine). Use kitchen paper to wipe off any excess oil so it doesn't leave streaks on the surface, then place on the hob or in the oven at full temperature until the oil has stopped smoking and the surface is dark (anywhere from 30-60 minutes). You can repeat this process two or three times. Your cookware is now re-seasoned, and ready to sear and char extra flavour into your food.