How To Look After Your Emba Cookware

As with many things that are built to last, the more you use your Emba cookware, the better it gets. That beautiful bronze-black patina isn't just for show – it cooks incredibly well too! Here are our top tips for caring for your Emba cast iron griddle pan and skillets to ensure they last for generations to come.

Cleaning a cast iron skillet

Keep it clean

Some people think you shouldn't wash cast iron cookware, but we don't agree. Keeping your Emba cookware clean is the best way to maintain its patina.

While you should never put cast iron cookware in the dishwasher (ever), you can wash it. Scrubbing it gently with hot water (and even some washing up liquid) will help remove stubborn cooked-on residue and keep your cooking surface clean and smooth. It's much easier to maintain a non-stick seasoning on a clean surface.

Caring for cast iron cookware

Keep it dry

Always dry your cast iron cookware as soon as you've washed it to prevent rust forming. The best way is to put it on the hob for a few minutes to evaporate any leftover water droplets. This will ensure it dries quickly and thoroughly. Rust is the enemy of a cast iron cookware, so it's more effective to use a little heat than a tea towel alone (which can leave dampness behind).

Keep it oiled

Before your store your cookware, give it a light coating with vegetable oil. This helps to reseal the patina and keep the cooking surface free from rust. We call this a simple re-season, which helps to maintain the cookware's natural non-stick surface and provide you with great cooking every time.

Just remember: the most beautifully seasoned patina isn't created in a day. Maintaining it comes down to how you use your cookware. Every time you sear, fry or char with an Emba skillet or griddle, you'll add more layers of seasoning. And the better the seasoning, the less cleaning it will require after each use. Eventually, you'll find the perfect balance.