Emba Griddle & Skillet Set

Skillet and Reversible Griddle

Bespoke Emba Griddle & Skillet Combo

Choose your perfect cast iron cookware combination with this great value set. Featuring our high quality reversible griddle and one of our premium skillets, simply select the size that suits your requirements. From our 8" pan (perfect for one ribeye steak) to the generous 12" pan (large enough for a whole spatchcock chicken), you'll be searing, sautéing, frying, simmering and roasting like a pro with this set. Our premium reversible griddle lets you char meat, fish and vegetables on the ridged side, or drop perfect pancakes and fried eggs on the smooth flat-plate. Every piece of Emba cookware is crafted from a single piece of recycled cast iron, then double-seasoned for a natural non-stick finish. Rediscover the art of cast iron cooking today.


Key Features:

• Made in Great Britain from 100% recycled cast iron
• Suitable for all hob types – including induction
• Can be used in the oven
• Can be used over open fire/BBQs
• Pre-seasoned (twice) – great non-stick performance
• Thinner sides to reduce overall weight (Skillet)
• Extra thick base for perfect heat diffusion (Skillet)
• Ribbed handles for better grip and cool touch (Skillet)
• Integral smoke ring to protect glass hobs (Skillet)
• Offset handle design for ease of use (Griddle)
• Wider, taller griddle ribs for better charring (Griddle)
• Tapered corners and recessed channels to aid run-off (Griddle)
• Comprehensive care and use instructions included
• Free Next day delivery*
• Emba lifetime guarantee**
• Griddle size: 45 x 25 x 1.5 cm
• Griddle weight: 5.86kg + 0.5kg packaging
• Skillet sizes: 8” – (20cm), 10” – (23cm), or 12” – (30.5cm) diameter
• Skillet weights: 8” – 1.72kg, 10” – 2.39kg, or 12” – 3.47kg

* Next day delivery for orders received by 2pm. Delivery is Monday to Friday.

** Lifetime Guarantee, covering manufacturing defects that arise during normal use in
domestic settings according to the care and maintenance instructions.

    Feedback from our Amazing Customers
    Being a bit of a foodie, I have to say that using the Emba griddle on my BBQ is a perfect combination. It cooks beautifully. Very pleased with my purchase.
    — Terry
    Great quality and nice to cook with. A key feature I liked was the handle for the skillet was cast iron and all one piece, so it won't be snapping off which has happened with cheaper ones.

    Fantastic heat control, can be used hot to sear a steak or a gentle heat for fish. Very happy with this and can see it lasting me the next 30 years!
    — Jack
    Great service (arrived next day) matched by the quality of the products. So refreshing to see a company promoting "Made in U.K."

    Looking forward to the range growing (hopefully) so I can add.
    — Rob
    I was thrilled to win the starter pack in the Christmas instagram draw. The griddle and skillet look and feel satisfyingly solid - quality! They heat up quickly and evenly, I love them! It’s great to know they’re made in the uk too!
    — Melody
    Both the pan and the griddle heat up well and evenly which means that whether frying eggs, making an omelette or browning onions in the pan, or roasting vegetables or cooking meat on the griddle in the oven the results are reassuringly good. I'm enjoying using both.
    — Elizabeth
    Heat that is consistent & as you need for most cooking, until you use quality cookware like this you don’t know how much better it is. Looking forward to more in the range- please! Need a bigger skillet to fit 4 steaks!
    — Lorentz
    In purchasing my cookware I was well informed about the product and on using it I am not disappointed. Extremely good quality. Fantastic none stick properties.
    — Janice
    Quick delivery
    Pre seasoned so pan & griddle Worked well from the off
    Hoping to be lifelong kit
    So glad to buy UK made cookware
    — Richard
    Super easy to use, excellent cooking on all types of hobs, the temperature is even across the skillet and griddle making cooking a breeze and best of all so easy to clean! quality set should last a lifetime.
    — Hieu
    I have a lot of cast iron cookware but have to say, this is by far the best I have come across so far. Light enough to carry but heavy enough to know you are dealing with a well made, solid piece of cookware. Heats up like a dream and wonderful for steaks, love the story of how this organisation came to being. Can't wait to try new products.
    — Martin
    I’m very happy with the griddle, and it fits just right onto my gas cooker hob.
    Try bruschetta… and steak….fabulous taste!
    — Glen
    Really enjoying using the griddle and frying pan! Awesome products.
    — Nicola
    Great product, great service - Thank you
    — Nigel

    Why Emba?

    Perfectly Balanced

    We designed – and redesigned the handle of our skillets 17 times to get just the right feel: balanced, grippy and ergonomic.

    Meticulous Design

    It’s the little details that make good cookware great – such as our extra thick, extra high griddle bars which impart a better char.

    A Seasoned Pro

    Every piece of Emba cookware is seasoned twice to achieve the perfect bronze-black patina that gives a lifetime of great cooking.

    Handcrafted Excellence

    We make our cookware right here in the heart of the Black Country, using only the best quality, 100% recycled cast iron.

    Comfort & Control

    While the base of our cookware is made thicker to give exceptional heat diffusion, we cast the sides thinner for a lighter feel.

    Naturally Sustainable

    Made from recycled cast iron – expertly crafted and naturally seasoned – our cookware lasts a lifetime (and gets better with age).