Fancy a steak but don't want to pay restaurant prices? Too rainy to fire up the barbecue? We've got the answer: the Emba Reversible Griddle. Now you can create the most incredibly tasty meals and elevate the flavour of even the simplest ingredients. Need more evidence? Read on for the benefits of griddle cooking.

Imparts char and flavour

Unlike a conventional frying pan, a griddle pan has raised grill ribs, which impart those all-important char marks to give a smoky flavour to anything you cook – from steaks to chops, fish skewers to sliced vegetables.

The healthy option

When a griddle is properly pre-seasoned, you don't need to add much cooking oil. In fact, it's best just to rub a little oil on the food you're cooking. Those raised grill bars allow oil and fat to run from the food and drain into the grooves, ensuring it doesn't taste greasy. But where the food touches the grill ribs, that's where the magic happens, as natural sugars and juices caramelise and create amazing layers of flavour.

A large, flat cooking surface

Just like cooking on a barbecue, a large griddle pan allows you to throw lots of things on to the bars and cook them at the same time. Not only does this let you combine flavours, but it's super convenient and saves on the washing up!

Use on any cooking surface

A cast iron griddle is suitable to use with any type of hob and can even go in the oven – or barbecue. So, no matter how you like to cook, this serious bit of cookware is an invaluable addition to your kitchen.

Cook fast, cook better

Thanks to its cast iron body, a griddle pan heats up evenly at high temperatures, without spitting or smoking (or the handle melting!). That means your food is cooked evenly – and quickly. It's on your plate before you can say "amazing!".